日々の事、趣味の事など。 のんびりとご紹介いたします。

Thank you for everything.

Today… I broke up with my boyfriend. I said goodbye to him.

I have been under medical treatment
and he came down with an illness, too.
We should have support each other
but only I could was thinking of myself, so could he.

To tell you the truth, we haven’t seen each other much for two years.
Talked on the phone quick a few.
That was because related to his job but also his will.
I couldn’t’ stand with this anymore…
I told him to wait until he recover from his illness…
No phone call, even not answering my call.
I wanted to see him but not let me.
He didn’t come to see me either.
I wanted to support him but not let me.
Having a date is outrageous.
I thought “Is he my boyfriend? Are we lovers?”
I really wanted to wait him even this situation,
even having a hard time after two years.

But! He has been lying to me. It was very important thing.
I was sooooooo shocked on that.
It made me to leave from him.

Being with him three and half years.
I really loved him.
Wanted to get married.
Wanted to be with him until we get old.
My wish will not be fulfilled anymore. My small dream…

I am going to concentrate on treating my illness from now on.
It takes a time until the time being with him
becomes a good memories though.
I will not look at my past, just looking at my future!!!

T-chan, thank you so much for everything.
I wish you get better.
Good bye…

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